What can you do with the M7 app?

What can you do with the M7 app

Preventive alert

Schedule a preventive alert and move around in complete safety.

Pair your device

Associate your device with another person who has the app installed.

Security alerts

Receive official notices from the proximity police.

Report incidents

Submit incidents that you observe in the city.

Emergency messaging

Send an emergency to the proximity police in just 3 seconds.

Emergency calls

Make emergency calls to the nearest police.

Pharmacies on duty

Locate nearby pharmacies and consult on-call pharmacies on the map.

Defibrillator network

You can check the defibrillator network (AED) on the map.

Defibrillator network

You can check the defibrillator network (AED) on the map.

Feel more secure

Preventive alert

Achieve security in those usual situations, without company, that involve risk or causes fear.

It allows you to set the time that the journey will take and save the smartphone, and when you reach the destination cancel the alert …

… If it is not canceled, an emergency will be sent to those associated people that you have previously selected and by default to the local police of your municipality, despite you can deactivate this last option.

Create a networking

Device association

To be able to associate your device and create a network of contacts. If an alert is triggered, it will only reach the contacts you choose.

Being able to inform people around you that you are in an emergency situation can actually help a lot in many cases.

You can also be the person who helps another user in around you.


Two-way communication

Security alerts​​

The Local Police of each municipality generates and sends “push alerts” that contain information  that may interest you: recommendations or warnings about the state of the roads, use of sirens, fraud or theft alerts, etc.

These alerts can be local (they will only reach the municipality that generated them) or inter-territorial (they reach all adhered territories). These alerts are official and reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

Incident Reporting

Report Incidents

Two-way communication betwen the user and the Police:Allows the user to send incidents that they detect in your municipality.

The information that the user can send:

  • Typology: Citizenship or Urban
  • Location
  • Add contact details
  • Attach photo

In just 3 seconds

Emergency messages

Inform the proximity police that you are in a dangerous situation in just 3 seconds by pressing a button.

Correctly registered users will be able to send a direct emergency to the Local Police of their municipality.

We attend to people in a state of vulnerability

Vulnerable People Location Protocol

Within the M7 Citizen Security Local Police programme, fathers, mothers, guardians of minors or people in a disability or vulnerability situation, can request the search for these relatives if they consider that
they may find themselves in a critical situation.

Aimed at the vulnerable group and with prior protocol, to authorize another person on our behalf
can send an emergency.

You are not alone

Protocol against gender violence​

If you find yourself in a situation of harassment or gender-based violence, you can notify your Local Police to take part in the protocol against gender-based violence.

You also have a shortcut that you can set up to send emergencies.

More information

Content of public utility

The application contains different sections with information for the citizens, such as:

  • On-call pharmacies
  • Map of pharmacies
  • Map of the defibrillator network
  • First aid tips
  • Safety advice
  • Useful telephone numbers

With just one click

Direct access

To be able to send an emergency even faster without having to open the App.

Accessible to all citizens registered, through a simple activation process.

Widget app M7 SOS
Widget app M7 Violencia de género

Do you have a business?

Request the desktop application from your proximity police