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Download and installation

You can download it from the appropriate Applications store according to the mobile operating system. If you have Android go to Google Play Store and if you have an iPhone, visit the App Store.

It may be that your phone is registered in another country. To solve the problem you must go to the device settings and select Spain.

For any Android device that has the 6.0 operating system or higher. In addition, the device must have a SIM card installed.

For iPhone smartphones running IOS 12 or higher.

Tablets that only work with Wi-Fi are not compatible with our App.

You can update the App from the corresponding application store

If you have Android you will see the Google Play Store and if you have an iPhone, visit the App Store and in either one look for the update button.

Remember that having the latest version available allows you to have the latest features and improvements.

It will depend on the population and the operating system that the device has:

** If it’s an Android, you have, as of today, 13 applications that are compatible on the same device.
** If it is an iPhone, you can only have one application from the population you choose, but remember that it does not exempt you from being able to send incidents to other populations attached to the M7 territory.

Yes, you have two options, one at the time you start the App for the first time and another whenever you want to change it at the top of the main page.


So that you can not impersonate your identity and thereby misuse our App.

When the data is registered in the App, a validation email is sent for the user to verify it, this email validates if the user has that email account to send messages if necessary.

Once the email is verified, you must wait 2 hours of validation for the verification of the data and for all the services of the App to be available.

My account

In order for you to enjoy all the services offered by the App, you must be registered. This allows the Local Police or Urban Guard (“Guardia Urbana”) of your municipality, to have all the necessary information to offer you a better coverage and / or service in case of emergency.

Link to the registration video: https://w2.m7citizensecurity.com/index.php/videos_registro_cat/#video_registro

Yes, if you have an Android device and you are registering in the same municipality.
You just have to access the section My account> Register> request code. Here you can get a code that will be sent to you by email and when you enter it, your username will be validated immediately.

** From the home page under Menu> My account “Bottom menu”> Modify data

A legal person is a citizen who runs a business, as well as workers and any citizen who has a direct relationship with a business.
The priority and importance in the degree of response to any profile is the same.
The priority and importance in the degree of response to any profile is the same. The protocol in case of action, different.

First of all, you should keep in mind that these data can only be accessed by the Local Police or the Urban Guard of your population, in case they consider it necessary to use it.
These are data that help emergency services to provide us better care in case of an emergency.

In order to delete the validation of the registration of the App you must go to the Local Police or Urban Guard of your population and they will carry out the necessary procedure.

Security and privacy

Only the local Police or the Urban Guard of your population.

No, in no case it is used for commercial purposes.

* Using the App to send information regarding the service offered by the App and your safety as a user.
* The user must not modify, reproduce or retransmit any of the contents contained in the App.
* The user must not deliberately introduce viruses, Trojans or any other material harmful to the proper functioning and purpose of this App.

  • Permissions to use the camera
    So you can send incidents with images you make at the moment.
  • Permissions to use the microphone
    You will soon be able to include short videos in incidents, thispermission is currently requested.
  • Permissions to access storage
    So you can include images in the incidents that are already available in the device gallery.
  • Location permissions
    To be able to locate the position of the device in case the user activates an emergency, either by pressing the emergency button, through the widgets, by programming a preventive alert or by activating the people protocol.
  • Contact permission
    So that emergency services can contact someone close to the user of the App in case of emergency.
  • Telephone permission
    To be able to make calls from the phone book included in the App.

According to google’s policies, we are obliged to request a location permit when generating any type of emergency

Send emergency message

To the Local Police or Urban Guard of the population from which it was downloaded.

Link to emergency dispatch video: https://w2.m7citizensecurity.com/index.php/videos_alerta_cat/#video_emergencia

If the connection could not be established to send the emergency, it is recommended that you take the action again.

The security forces will contact the user to verify that everything is correct.

If you misuse the App, the state security forces of the state may perform the respective legal actions.

Emergencies sent from the device will be sent directly to law enforcement agencies such as state security forces. In no case the personal data and the data generated by the emergency will be seen by third parties.

Report a problem

  • Type of incident Citizen / Urban
  • Location
  • Image
  • Description

Link to the incident submission videos: https://w2.m7citizensecurity.com/index.php/videos_alerta_cat/#video_incidencia

** If I want to take the photo at that moment, clicking on the camera icon will open my device’s camera> I Take the photo> I Look for it in the gallery in the M7appseg folder> Open and the chosen image will appear in the incidence.
** If I want to send a previously made image, I access my gallery with the corresponding icon> I look for the image> I select it and it will appear in the incident.

The local Police or Urban Guard (“Guardia Urbana”) of your municipality. They will be the ones who will take the necessary measures to solve the incidents.

Priority services will be treated between five and ten minutes after receiving the user’s request and those of low priority will be treated within the next hours or days after receipt of the request. As a general rule, the user should receive a response, but it is the time available and the protocol that will decide whether or not to send a response to the user.

Alerts in the city

The alerts are sent from the communication departments of the local councils to the Local Police or the Urban Guard of your population.

  • Street cuts alerts
  • Bus detours
  • The Carnival Rúa
  • The cavalcade of the wise men
  • Special holidays
  • Road safety tips
  • Safety tips

Associate devices

You can do it from the Menu> My account> Associate devices> Enter email> Send

Link to the video of associating devices: https://w2.m7citizensecurity.com/index.php/videos_comunicacion_cat/#video_asociar

Remember that the email you have entered must be registered in the App, the recipient will receive a notification, requesting the association and it must be accepted.

Preventive alert

Go to Menu> My account> Preventive alert> Enter the time> Choose who you want to send the alert to> Activate

Link to the video of t he preventive alert:  https://w2.m7citizensecurity.com/index.php/videos_comunicacion_cat/#video_preventiva

The moment you configure the alert you must choose who will receive it.

If the alert is active, you will have a counter in the notification panel and a STOP button, this is the button you must press to stop the alert.

Associated person: An emergency is generated that shows the route on a map, your contact telephone number and that of the Police.

Municipal Police: The emergency will come to your system with the map and contact details.

PLP - People Location Protocol:

People who participate in the People Locator Protocol have a part in the Missing People section of the app, from which they can make a search request from another person with whom they are paired, if they consider they are at risk.

People who decide to pair up must be registered in the App of the same population.

Within the M7 Citizen Security Local Police program, fathers, mothers, guardians of minors or in situations of disability or vulnerability, may request the search of these relatives, if they consider that they may be in a critical situation. They would act for them, replacing their action, in the same way that a registered user does when, from the App of Citizen Security, sends an emergency message.

 The pairing process is carried out by the Social Welfare and Local Police departments of each municipality.

In any case, the position and route of the person sought will only be visible to the Police. Within the framework of the Official Law on Data Protection, it is not allowed to make a person’s location available without their express choice and even, in extreme cases, a court order is essential. In addition, technical means help to make this possible.

M7 Pass

It is a new utility of the M7 app that consists of a personal and non-transferable QR code, with which you can access different buildings. (Example: access to the Cornellà de Llobregat 24-hour Library).

To register and be able to access an infrastructure using the M7PASS, you will have to request access at the different authorized points, providing them with the single-use code that appears on the “My account > Manage M7PASS > Show” code page

Once you have been granted access, the QR code that appears on the M7 Pass screen will be activated. In order to access the building, bring your code to the corresponding QR reader to activate access.

From the main screen you will see the button “More security”, when you press it you will see a menu where the access to M7 Pass is located.

Anyone with the M7 app installed and the registration completed and activated. To activate your QR code, you will have to request it at the building you want to access.

M7 Pass has a widget that you can configure on your mobile screen to directly access the QR without having to enter the app.

To see how to configure a widget on your mobile, you can go to the “Widgets” section.


The SOS widget sends a generic emergency type I need help.

The ROSA widget sends a type of emergency for gender-based violence and harassment.

You must be registered and validated by the validation email, as 2 hours must pass before all App services are activated.


It is a direct link, which appears prominently on the cover (Home) for a limited time.

The campaign will appear in the municipalities that have joined the campaign.

By accessing the section you will find a secure link so that you can access all the services and establishments that our city offers.

Businesses and / or entrepreneurs
First of all, you have to be correctly registered in the citizen security application. Registration is essential to avoid that the information communicated to citizens is fraudulent.

Once registered, access the link and register the trade.

Problem resolution

Check your connection, either data or Wi-Fi.
Check that you do not have airplane mode active.
Restart your device.

Check that you are registered, remember that if you change your device you must register again.
Check the data connection on the device.
Download the latest version of the App.
Restart the App.
Restart the device.

Check that you are registered and that it is validated. To be able to send emergencies from the widgets you must be registered.
Check your connection, either data or Wi-Fi.
Download the latest version of the App.
Restart the device.

Check your connection, either data or Wi-Fi.
Check that the required fields are completed.
Download the latest version of the App.
Restart the device.

Check your connection, either data or Wi-Fi.
If you have changed your device you must send a data to update them and be able to send you the alerts again.
Download the latest version of the App.
Restart the device.