App M7 Citizen And Urban Security

More security from your mobile

The applications

They are tools –based on multiple technologies– for quick contact between citizens and their local administration through the municipal or proximity police, which, in turn, collaborate in a network.

Even being local, you can use them from anywhere in the world to receive and send information of interest wherever you are.

The Citizen App adapts to different profiles (elderly, young people, entrepreneurs, health professionals, etc.) and citizen uses.

The Local Police have a powerful tool to support their fellow citizens beyond their territorial border.

It facilitates two-way communication between citizens and their local administration, with the “legitimacy and formality” of their Local Police at its core

The inter-territorial cooperation of citizens and professionals from a wide range of disciplines with a vocation for service makes the uniqueness of the M7 System possible every day, and with it, being at the global forefront since 2012.

The applications are specific and independent of each territory. However, in any municipality of the network of cities that make up the M7 System, you will receive the same level of service as in your own town.

It is based on the principle of a population’s «feeling of belonging to a territory». Now, you don’t have to «switch applications» to «feel at home» when you’re out of town.

Network infrastructures
Alert views

What you can do with the M7 app

Preventive alert

Schedule a preventive alert and move around in complete safety.

Pair your device

Associate your device with another person who has the app installed.

Security alerts

Receive official notices from the proximity police.

Report incidents

Send incidents that you observe in the city.

Emergency messages

Send an emergency to the proximity police in just 3 seconds.

Emergency calls

Make emergency calls to the nearest police.

Pharmacies on duty

Locate nearby pharmacies and consult on-call pharmacies on the map.

Defibrillator network

You can check the defibrillator network (AED) on the map.

Information of interest

Check the telephone directory of the city, transport, public administrations, etc.

Network of territories adhered to the M7 System

The M7 System is social and technological innovation in continuous evolution towards the improvement of people’s quality of life regardless of their role or function in society.

This social engineering is possible thanks to three essential elements:

First, inter-territorial cooperation through the Technical and Command Commissions.
Second, the public and private alliance that has as its essence technological ingenuity with a social purpose.
Third, large doses of willpower.

Each local application is unique, singular and specific to each territory. Network cooperation strengthens each local security policy in each particular municipality. Unity to make the singularity stronger.

Every day more municipalities and people are added to the network of safe territories of the M7 System.

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